Hello again!

Hello again!

Our redesigned website is up and running! The site is designed and coded by Michael Sanger with design help from Darren Simoes. The Hermosa Coffee Roasters video on the homepage was directed, shot, and edited by Joe Salinas. It's a great opportunity to reintroduce ourselves to all of you and tell about a new feature we added this time around.

Subscriptions are now available!

All you have to do is click on the coffee you want and choose the subscription option along with the frequency you want the shipments to come. In the cart, you can choose how many bags you want with each shipment. We suggest more bags shipped less frequently to save on shipping costs.

During checkout, you sign up for an account with ReCharge which is the subscription app that we use. Through that account, you can fully manage all aspects of your subscription.

Now you have the fresh roasted coffee of your choice shipped to your door automatically! It's easy and totally convenient!

We're excited for the future and to partner with you. Stay tuned for weekly posts coming shortly!

Dana and Nick


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